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The sealing property of medical plastic bottle and health product bottle needs to be optimized
  • Date:2019-10-08
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In the pharmaceutical industry, the western medicine tablet is the most variety of medicine at present. The packaging materials used for drug tablets are directly in contact with drugs, so they belong to a class of drug packaging. The packaging materials and structural forms must ensure the efficacy, as well as the reliability and convenience of the use of drugs. Therefore, when selecting packaging materials, drug manufacturers should understand some properties and characteristics of packaging materials and containers, so as to reasonably and accurately select pharmaceutical packaging materials in combination with some special requirements of drugs.

Pharmaceutical tablet plastic bottle packaging originated in the 1980s. With the continuous introduction of advanced pharmaceutical plastic bottle production lines from abroad, the curtain of "plastic" instead of "glass" began to open. Since then, large capacity glass bottles and brown bottles have gradually withdrawn from the field of pharmaceutical tablet packaging, replaced by pharmaceutical plastic bottles, which are mainly non-toxic polymers such as PE, PP, pet. Raw materials: we use advanced plastic molding technology to produce various kinds of medical plastic bottles, mainly containing all kinds of drugs of oral tablets, capsules, pills and other solid dosage forms and liquid preparations.

Pharmaceutical plastic bottles are characterized by light weight, non fragile, clean and beautiful. Pharmaceutical manufacturers can use them directly without cleaning and drying. However, some technical indexes and a large number of data show that it has excellent chemical resistance, water vapor permeability resistance and sealing performance, which can play a role of safety shielding and protection for the drugs within the validity period. There are high density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) bottles in the variety of materials used.


Highlights of packaging of medical plastic bottles


The influence of plastic bottle sales volume is closely related to appearance design.